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Basic Conditions
Basic Conditions and Policies


We are glad to introduce you this is the trading online site service all over the world that saves time and makes it easier to shop and also offers you the modern marketing opportunities. We are excited to share with you our knowledge and ideas, because we have been waiting for this opportunity to deliver and give it to you. On this occasion, we also want to inform you that all registered on site may use all services provided free of charge. Dear visitors, we are pleased to share this information to you, also we are pleased to find extra proud of us and once again assure you that everything is free of charge for registered members, there's no extra charges, even the hidden ones. Therefore, it is not only very convenient, but also an opportunity to save. website provides not only a free market, but also opportunity to communicate what we often miss. As the auction we hope to be interesting. Our main aim is to be seen more to the original approach of marketing change. Not just the pursuit of financial gain encourages us to try and stretch, so in the future we plan to hold not a single share, but loads of them based on your preferences and expectations. We are happy to help you with the attitude of the trade exchange. Want – means to be able, so we will do our best to provide you with convenient access to our services. Depending on the site operational experience from time to time, or periodically, we can make use of the terms (rules) changes, which we will inform you by providing information along to the website. You can even suggest how to improve this site because it will give us an excellent opportunity for exploring all the proposals and decide how to make improvements and to improve the site Terms of Use in the best way. Your expectations are very important for us, and we are happy to contribute to their realization. We strive to make our auction's offers to be financially very beneficial, but the website itself is a great opportunity to spend wonderful moments with like-minded, so with joy we announce you once again that this is another opportunity to communicate and off course to sell. We invite you to join our company and communicate not just for sale. auction just started its work, and now you have a great opportunity to enter the newly emerging group of members to become active participants in the auction for free by registering. We are pleased to invite you to sell your goods at fixed prices or auctions and not to pay the commission fees. So we invite you to visit us more often or just sign up and start to use our services. Do not miss this chance to be among the first group of registrants and by your participation to support a new and perspective also free of charge auction. This is a great opportunity for free trade, and we give it to you kindly. Register now for free and enjoy special marketing opportunities. Do not miss this opportunity! All services are free of charge! We kindly invite you to an auction and if you do not participate, then at least see what's happening at a company. You're very welcome, and if you do not have experience with similar services, we can assist you. Contact us directly or send us a message by clicking Contact Us. Let's make each other glad by contacting and communicating each day!



Basic Conditions and Policies is an internet auction that gives you the right to communicate, buy and sell. Reaching those highest standards we decided to let you know how auctions work and how can you participate at it. We appreciate everyone who are registered, but some rules must be observed. Despite the fact that no one likes restrictions or strict rules, moreover at same-minded circle it is simply unnecessary, but according to the common practice, we should all generally agree that some type of joint action (active) principles, and / or conditions, however, must be everywhere. So seeking to clarity the using of the site we decided to create some rules and policies. We believe that in these general auction activities of the essential principles you will find all the answers to the raised questions. But if there will be any additional questions you can always contact us directly by e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


General rules: offers free market for individuals and companies to sell and buy goods via the internet


Official currency is USA dollar ($). gives the users a virtual site where customers have the opportunity to place their items and offer a price for the goods. is not responsible for the information to the customers’ site, correctness, completeness and compliance with legislation, illegal behaviour of the customers. keeps the complete right to limit or terminate customer's access to or use of the Site, including any information submitted by the customer to the site changes, client initiated the auction closing, customer account information the removal and banning of the client to re-register on your site, if the customer:
1. violates these obligations under regulations;
2. incomplete and misleading information in registering or using the website;
3. knowingly and maliciously disseminate false or incorrect information on the site.


Item may be sold at a fixed price, or the buyer offers his price at the auction. At this condition item may be sold for the buyer who offers the higher price in the end of the auction. Read carefully the description of the item that the seller submitted before you offer your price, because you CAN NOT cancel your offer. Only if seller's conditions of item's descriptions are not realistic appearance the price may be changed. Under the sellers conditions the item is sold by the highest price at the end of the auction and buyer, who offered the highest price must buy the item.


Prohibited items to sell at the auction:

Enshrined in the laws of different countries, different provisions on the sale of certain goods, so to avoid potential conflicts, we have concluded the items that cannot sell our auction list:

weapons, ammunition, parts and explosives, pyrotechnic products, poisons, nutritional supplements, existing securities strong statements of their forms, stamps, valid or counterfeit state currency countries, official documents, certificates and other identification documents, antiques (but there is no restriction apply for the old stuff); medicines, medicines and medicinal substances, narcotic and psychotropic substances, tobacco products; alcoholic beverages; force conducted a lottery ticket. As well as international legal norms of criminal conduct, elementary logic and moral norms are contrary to articles, publications and visual material.


The Administration reserves the right in its sole discretion to remove inappropriate nature of the ads.

Seller must check the „Basic conditions“ whether his items are excluded from the list of prohibited items before he place his item on the list. The item must corrspond his category and must be put at the right category. Item description must accurately describe the product and provide for the acquisition conditions. If the item is sold by auction the description of the content of the product modification or withdrawal is not possible. At the end of the auction the seller must sell the product in accordance with its description for the buyer who offered the highest price. has the eligibility (but not the obligation) at any time to track customer interactions, including customer bids at auctions. has the right at any time to remove the goods items or any other customer information, from the website, if in opinion; users violate these rules at applicable law or are contrary to good morals. This right also stands if gets one or more complaint from the other users. has the right to terminate of vanish your account if the client has received at least two other negative customer feedback or comments. Customer account will be deleted without any warning after the third negative comment or a testimonial from another client. The customer has the right to appeal the decision to cancel the account by sending email to the address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it decision is final. has the right to organize and manage the time of registration or later through the web client the personal data in accordance with regulations and in accordance with their purposes. customers have the right to manage and maintain personal customer information to the extent and for such purposes as provided in these rules. The customer has the right to revoke its authorization but is able to manage and maintain personal customer information at any time, demand an end to organize and manage their personal information, remove personal information and delete your account.

Seller performance standards:


Please read our policies before listing your items! users must be at least 18 years old. They must provide and complete the contact information. Seller must show his right identity with all true information. Sellers must have valid e-mail address that buyer could be sure that they can contact easily with the right person (buyer or seller).

Users at the online and private provide contact options cannot send spasm or treats. You’re not allowed to create the new account or buy and sell on other existing accounts to avoid restrictions or limits.

Sellers are not allowed make offers to buy or sell outside the


As a seller, you’re expected to


1. Charge and specify shipping costs and handling time.

2. Respond to the buyers questions carefully. Be helpful, professional and kind throughout a transcription.

3. Make sure that the item is delivered to buyer as described in the list.

4. To ensure the buyers expectations otherwise it might lead to a negative feedback from the buyers. keeps the right to vanish an account without any warning if users are treating others in a wrong way, against all the rules and policies. is not responsible for the items and services sold or purchased through the Web site. Also is not responsible for quality, quantity and competence of the items and services placed on not participates in bidding website arising in transactions between the clients.


All messages and information between the customer and will be sent electronically. The addresses are referred to the regulations.


Copyright and all contents in the Web site belong to legally use third-party rights.

Using the Site and the Services and providing, entering or otherwise sending any information or data to client websites is free of charge, perpetual, unrestricted area. But it is forbidden to re-use, shape in any way the information of the collects and protects personal data and does not provide personal data to third parties and will not disclose them, unless the rules or laws will be broken in the special cases. benefits from personal data and service provision, development and personalization. has the right to provide information about the customer (including customer's personal data) to another client which offers their customers of the first price auction.



As the service keeps improving and evolving, to provide more convenient and safer use has the right to unilaterally change the rules and price list. reports and notifies the customer of the rules and price lists announcing changes at the site.

The changes of the rules and price lists charges will take the effect after their publication on the website.

By using the service or the site after the entry into force of regulations and price list changes, the client must confirm that he met with such a change and fully agree with them.

Overview specifies how your personal information is used. The policies lists by third parties have access to all types of information. allows sellers compensation if the site experiences an extended outage. appreciates your ideas, but considers these unsolicited idea submissions as non-binding.

In the order that all transactions between sellers and buyers go very smoothly, we recommend to use the globally recognized payment system the PayPal.


If the problems raised will be not solved by way the of agreement, as the last resort, they will be resolved in the United States of America courts or other legal means.

For more information contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

In the conclusion, we wanted to say that our goal is to create a nice-minded, in the other word speaking the trading partners in the gathering place, and the reliability of consistent expectations virtual trading space together with you all. So now you are registering and also contributing to the development of our comfortable, friendly and mutually beneficial for buyers and sellers of marketing and communication space. Let’s create a positive atmosphere, that we all would be welcome on the website. We wish you all a pleasant and benevolent communication.


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