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Classic was broken too though
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Start Date: Mon, July 19 2021
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Classic was broken too though. Druids were fairly shitty for a while, particularly if you wished to go freal. They've always had broken classes they don't fix. They did exactly the exact same thing when they eventually fixed feral druidsthey behaved just like they gave us something amazing. I had been a feral druid to get a year before anyone would take me on raids, it may have been longer, I can't recall today. Lol.


God, I have PTSD from legendary farming in Legion. I had been a frost DK and to really hit the amounts I needed to be pulling, you HAD to have this legendary. I wanna say it had been some bracers? I conducted Nighthold over and above. For months. A couple other people in my guild got the fall, but never me. I wound up quitting for some time and came back in the end of BFA.


I was primary tank for a guild for half WoD doing mythic. The guild fell me as a major tank in Emerald Nightmare since the sole legendary I was able to get (even though I did all possible cultivation ) was sephiz secret. Confidentially it was also mythic ursoc where they dropped me.



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