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About two hundred for each stat in their weapon
About two hundred for each stat in their weapon
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Start Date: Wed, June 02 2021
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You'd begin riding a mule then perhaps level 15 or something you could ride a standard horse. These are just two examples. Here are some other examples which would be cool. Terrorbird. You could train his ability by fighitng with the steed or training at the stables. To obtain a steed you must buy it like a baby then you may have to raise it in the stable. You will also have exp from taking care and increasing and adult mount. To keep a mount in a secure place you would need to pay a steady employee to keep in in a stable or in case you've got a certain structure level you cna construct your very own stable.


In varrok, from the general shop, there would be an additional icon using a sword with a yellow blade. There would be a genaric man named smith. Oh, hello, I am considering making my life , so I intend to bring some of my hometowns smithing skills here. Oh, what could this be? That would be smithing custom made weapons. I really could make armor too, but that costs extra. How much? 


About two hundred for each stat in their weapon, and 20000 to get a speical. That would be 400 for each stat. I also wish to tell you that you are able to bring your weapon or armor back and add more stats into it. However, you would have to understand, my abilities can only go so far, at 200 every stats, however you shouldn't fret too much, those weapons should assist you.


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