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All of my search results were fruitless
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Location: Beijing, 101100
Country CHINA
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Start Date: Thu, April 08 2021
Expire Date: Tue, November 30 2021 00:00
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Registered since: Thu, November 26 2020
Location: CHINA
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I've played multiple matches on both Xbox and PS5 on next-gen, and more times than not, the proper result was not recorded, nor did it reflect on my record appropriately. Quite frankly, if you're someone who takes pride in your record online, this issue demotivates you to perform the manner. 


All of my search results were fruitless, and it seems many men and women are having the same issue once I sent out feelers on social media. I have spoken with 2K relating to this and they are aware of the issue. A repair should be coming"soon" for the issue.


2K boasts the best customization suite of any sports video game available on the market. Part of what makes 2K's customization options so expansive is its image uploader. It is possible to essentially take a picture from the computer and insert it to your own pajamas or court to rebrand a group, or to customize your MyTeam's appearances. Regrettably, once you upload an image at NBA 2K's site, you can't find it if you search for it within the game.



If you want to know more about 2K, you can visit




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