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I had many ideas for RuneScape
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Start Date: Thu, April 01 2021
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The operator's camera will show mostly the part above the castle, that old school rs gold this camera may also serve as the goal (which will be in the center of the screen) and the interface will become a sizable"Fire" button to press when you're prepared. More than one person can be in the catapult at the same time but the ammunition will deplete more quickly along with the 5 second rule still counts. (I also had a notion when the catapult is empty that a person can step into it and have thrown into the middle of the arena)

Consumables: Mages: a rune dispenser is going to be added to the downstairs room with the tables, which provides 1000 runes into a participant per game (mind-death). Someone can only use this when sporting a full set of castle wars robes (Staff, robe shirt, robe underside & Twist (Hat doesnt must be worn, personnel gives infinite air runes)) and no other spell can be casted when utilizing this service. Less experience is provided aswell. There are three varieties of robes (red&blue, silver&blue, gold&silver) just like the mele aurmor and for exactly the same price. That's all, I am happy to answer some questions and hear some ideas.

Ok so I have very annoyed when I went on the suggestions form on runescape and everybody was ranting on about how charms will need to be easier to get. If you find somthing wrong in my post please inform me so I can fis it and NO STEALING MY IDEA!

Charms. As many people have noticed it's impossibly hard to acquire charms for summoning so far in Runescape. Jagex probably has their reasons for making it hard to get them if they're looking for a way to make it easier (to the demand of the members lol) I hope that I have the way to achieve that.

Idea. I had many ideas for how Jagex could enhance the availability of charms but one stood out to me when I was planning to receive a baby salamander for a pet. A Mini Game. The"cash" if you're of summoning are the charms in my opinion and since its so hard to acquire charms why not open up a miniature game that makes them more available if Jagex wants them to cheap RS gold stay untradable.

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