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Home There will be events throughout a Mayor's reign
There will be events throughout a Mayor's reign
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Start Date: Fri, March 26 2021
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"Affiliation Videos - Mayors will be creating assorted videos throughout their term that will appear in-game about the jumbotrons in the court areas. You can expect your Mayor to emit rallying cries and inspire the members of their Affiliation to do in the peak of their abilities. After all, just like you, they would like to run The Town!


Custom Playlists - Mayors can curate custom music playlists that only play within their various borough/affiliation boundaries. This is actually a fantastic feature because each Affiliation court area will have its own vibe based on the musical collections of the current Mayor. As you move from 1 courtroom area, you will hear that the music gradually fade away as you get farther away. Simultaneously, you're going to be approaching a new court space and discover new beats beginning to get louder with each measure. It's the little details such as this that you will find immerse you completely from the adventure of The Town!


Court Design - There will be events throughout a Mayor's reign where if their Affiliation comes out victorious, they will have the responsibility of designing what the courts seem like because of their borough. Can they pick a thematic design that reflects the mascot? Can they only ask for Laker's courts? They will need to be thinking re-election here with every conclusion made!



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