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First head to the mad prophet
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Start Date: Tue, March 23 2021
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He'll say you could use a magical telescope to locate it, deliver him 1 of each elemental rune, 5 cosmics and one liter glass. Bring him the substances and he wil give you"magic scope", trigger it and three cutscenes will follow. The first is the monk setting off to the south west, one of them carries a little the amulet around his neck. They're on whitewolf mountain. The second is that the amulet at the mind of a guthix statue. The last is held by the mad Prophet...


First head to the mad prophet and wear your zamrock robes, he will take you to a brotherhood meeting. Now you should answer questions about Zamrock, you will find five, if you get 3 incorrect you will be strike in a multi battle zone by 5 level 40s and one level 78. You can escape in the teleporter from the corner to try again. Should you kill the gain you will get the amulet piece. The queries are.


If you fail you'll be struck 6 damage. You will now be attacked and teh teleport will be shut off. Now head down a corridor from this area, go across the pit of teh rope swingand then along the side of the wallsocket. Squeeeze throughout the crack and wriggle up crezase. You'll find yourself in ourania cave next to a ravine.



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