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The initial god disciple is obviously best to extract
The initial god disciple is obviously best to extract
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Whenever you are ready speak with this Guthix Archeoligist and he will teleport you into the website. When you get that you will be in front of the god you have chosen, speak to him and you will see that a split-screen....OF YOU 200 YEARS AGO GETTING A CAPE FROM THAT GOD AND FIGHTING MANY OPPONENTS... Once the split-screen is over you will notice a cape on your back with the symbol of the god you have picked. Walk outside the castle doors and witness another splitscreen....THIS TIME OF YOU IN THIS YEAR FIGHTING AND DESTROYING 100 OPPONENTS AND WALKING INTO A GODS CASTLE. This is fight #1


The initial god disciple is obviously best to extract. In the event you chose guthix you will be saradomin, same if you chosen zammy. If you picked sara you will struggle zammy first. They could range, melee, mage so protect when you see whats comin for you... they give you sufficient time to kno what's coming. (they max strike about 25 without protection so that they arent too hard) to get melee they pull back their weapon that is your opportunity to protect from melee, for range the hold the weapon with both hands thats your chance to shield, for mage they raise up their weapon that's your chance to protect.


As soon as you've destroyed that god you pick up the team part the god drops. Exit the castle and there is another split screen of you defeating another 100 enemies and entering a god castle. This time it is going to be the other god disciple. Destroy himpick up the team part and utilize both parts together. You now have the ultimate weapon at runescape, its known as"god's whim" it could melee, mage and range from precisely the exact same team and it has a quite high att and hit rate.


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