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I wanna team corp and try out GwD
I wanna team corp and try out GwD
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Location: Beijing, 101100
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Start Date: Wed, February 17 2021
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My money making is just obsolete, unfortunately, bar 2, which I do not think you would like. Those 2 are: dicing (and I mean dice dueling, NOT HOSTING, however ) but this is mainly based on a 50/50 chance and you've got the capacity to receive cleaned, or create bank (I got cleaned twice, but, since I actually had little cash, it didn't really matter. Made my way around 10M, obtained blasted, then from 300K, made my way around 18M, and I'm stopping here after winning EIGHT times in a row, a 1/256 chance.


PK'ing (which, I am pretty sure you wouldn't enjoy ). Incidentally, you can whip iron dragons nice, it is really not that hard. Worst comes worse, use fire blast. Next importantly, Duradel assigns REALLY challenging jobs for 100+ cb and I would just recommend him if you are 115 CB+ (but if you're able to utilize Kuradel, DO IT). As for me, I would not actually say you need to be getting Bandos at your CB (in case your not 100+ yet!) And I'd recommend training your stats more before you try also. But, if you have to, Abberant spectres are very good, I figure.


I wanna team corp and try out GwD, what levels do you think I should buy, before attempting tho? I intend to melee, and go with a whole lot of 100+ cb clan mates. Do you guys think I stand a chance with these lvls tho? I also need advise on what I need to take in inventory, and equip... I want to perform corp the maximum btw... Also the number of 100+ cb individuals must I go with? Tyvm for any advise! For GWD dung using a team you should have 80+'s however that with a clan on the larger side (Perhaps more then 7 people who have a tank) . And I am not sure about the regular gear but I would try this (Someone correct me). Your friendly neighborhood rawrgoyle just dropping into a greeting, to blather on, stuff like this. Um, out of a general"WELCOME!" I guess I don't have a lot to add on. I mention that the Task system in threads such as these. Doing the Easy/Medium place in Lumbridge/Draynor doesn't call for a hefty number of skills, and you can find a decent quantity of cash from doing so!



If you want to know more about RS, you can visit


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