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Incidentally, just thought I'd like to mention
Incidentally, just thought I'd like to mention
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Location: Beijing, 101100
Country CHINA
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Start Date: Fri, February 05 2021
Expire Date: Tue, February 28 2023 12:00
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Registered since: Thu, November 26 2020
Location: CHINA
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Slayer can guide you to a small profit as soon as you get membership. Next, mining pure essencse (requiring 30 Mining) is not too shabby, likely makes around 1.5x creating clay. That's purely why I propose PK'ing, from the way - once you are hitting ~100 CB, you want an increasing number of cash that's really awkward because you don't have the stats to go bossing well (murdering the high level monsters for HUGE profit), but still need a HECK load of cash for equipment.


Incidentally, just thought I'd like to mention - the little rule of thumb for 110+ CB PK'ing (and I know you are enjoy CB 14, but, hopefully it's possible to return on this article... Who am I kidding.


So two of my buddy, one level 116, another maxed:-LRB- got hacked, exaclty the exact same weekthey lost all thei items and the maxed guy lost two chaotics, today I'm honestly freaked out. Now, thanks for reading this I just wanted you guys to tell me ;m doing everything I can to protect my accounts to the full, anymore suggestions?



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