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Merching if you are great at that
Merching if you are great at that
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Location: Beijing, 101100
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Start Date: Mon, February 01 2021
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I like the hints thanks. I have void shirt and bottoms im just too lazy to find the helm and gloves. I like the idea of herbing sounds trendy. Could you answer telling me any way how to get void faster and just how do you herb run? The fastest approach is kind of cheating, but saves tons of time. Get a buddy to play conquest against you and take turns intentionally losing. You'll find the fastest points possible. If you can not do this, do the novice lander repeatedly.


Merching if you are great at that, although with dramatically falling costs everywhere it's tough. As many raw materials (iron, coal, big bones) as you can and hope to get a double xp weekend in which you sell it all. In case you have good stats, then consider staking. My range tank for f2p will make 1m a day when he is lucky.


For dumb grinding, go to world 1 dwarven mine and mine iron/pick up ores from powerminers and deposit. Iron ores generally sell 1k a pop. Utilize explorer's ring 4 to superheat 27 of them daily; iron bars promote a lot more than iron ores, and between now and september is 4 months=120 days=120k from smelting iron bars together with the ring alone; you can most likely select up/mine over 1k iron ores each day from w 1 (around maybe 5k a day. Depends on how hardcore you are) which will translate into an additional 1-5m per day; purchase a whole lot of iron platebodies and very low alch 30 iron platebodies and 15 high alchs a day with the ring, which ought to also earn you a constant, though modest, income.



If you want to know more about RS, you can visit


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