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Now lets compare this to a 5 percent increase in damage
Now lets compare this to a 5 percent increase in damage
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Start Date: Sat, January 23 2021
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Now lets compare this to a 5 percent increase in damage: Your accuracy rate will stay at 80%. Now since every one of those 80 hits will be raised by 5 percent, the normal damage per successful hit rises to 157.5. Now, we'll include your other 20 0s which you hit per 100 shots and your new general damage per photo is 126. So clearly you will find a 20% increase in damage rather a 5 percent but I am deducting the damage that eagle eye provides. Alright, to begin with, rigour provides +5% accuracy in addition to harm in contrast to eagle eyecatching.


Second, CCB is not a percentage boost, but a static increase of +30 range attack within the Rune Crossbow. Clearly +120 compared to +90 is a massive gap, a difference of 33 percent. However, I am utilizing range-boosting armour to get a range attack of +141 with Rune crossbow, so CCB would be +171. Thus, CCB will probably be just 21 percent more accurate than rune, ignoring the precision increase from Void (it probably does not matter anyhow as it stacks multiplicatively) Thus, ignoring the gap from eagle eye, it is a selection of +5% damage AND precision, rather than +21% precision. hmm.


Funny Bunny said: Also remember a chaotic recharge using a blend of tokens and gp prices 20k tokens. I am not sure your current prices but remember that eventually you will achieve floors that provide 20k tokens per. Considering these floors can take 23-28 minutes, and I doubt you would have the ability to make 2 mil inside this period at frosts, it will become worthwhile to just use tokens for the repair. And although you can't currently get that lots of tokens that fast, remember that there are restricted applications to tokens and that there is no fluctuation in their value (meaning that the tokens you get now will probably be well worth the same theoretically as those you make when you're 120 Dung). A good analogy would be the idea of conserving your effigies until it is possible to do yourself; Either way the ending reward is going to be the same (Dragonkin Lamp), the only difference is what you give up in your way to getting there (in this specific instance xp in various abilities ).



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