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Achievement diaries are divided into four categories depending
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In addition to OSRS gold this, in OSRS, there is a special Achievement Diary, which is a book that collects all of your significant achievements in 1 place. What's more, they're also divided into specific areas where you can procure them. For example, finishing challenges around Varrock will result in filling Varrock Diary.

For finishing Diaries, players are rewarded with exclusive sets and items only available from those activities.

Achievement diaries are divided into four categories depending on the problem - easy, moderate, difficult, elite. They also do not require skills over level 40. Medium jobs are most of the times similarly easy, even though they could require some abilities to be level 65. Hard ones, as the name states, are tougher and require specific skills to be around level 75. Elite tasks are for real endgame players because they may ask for level 90 in some of the abilities. Even though completing elite tasks usually requires some time and may require specific levels in various skills, they also reward players with all the best prizes. By finishing every Achievement Diaries, players get access to Cyan trim for Quest Point Cape and can buy exceptional Achievement Diary Cape.

The Cape is obtained with Achievement Diary Hood in Twiggy O'Korn situated in Draynor Village, south west of the bank. He sells it for 99k GP exclusively to players who have all Diaries finished. It is, undoubtedly, among the most difficult items to obtain in the game as it requires not only very high skill levels but also the conclusion of various tasks that often involve elaborate quests. Achievement Diary Cape becomes trimmed after completion of quests, making the revised variant even harder to obtain. Similar to Quest Point Cape, this item loses its trimming when a fresh quest comes out. It is just trimmed when all the quests available in the game are completed. Thus, every new assignment has to be completed, too.

Both trimmed and untrimmed variations of the cape possess +9 bonus to all defensive stats and +4 bonus to Prayer skill, which makes it best in slot untrimmed cape for Prayer. Achievement Diary Cape also includes ten daily teleport charges to buy RuneScape gold some Achievement Diary Master, making it a wonderful transportation item.

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