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Home They are working from home at least until January 2021
They are working from home at least until January 2021
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Location: Megaomgchen, 230022
Start Date: Thu, January 07 2021
Expire Date: Fri, January 08 2021 00:00
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Registered since: Tue, October 22 2019
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They are working from home at least until January 2021. Source: understand people working at the madden office. For Madden 22? Perhaps? I promise it has empty phrases and bullshit. We are less than seven months away from the games release ? What could they do last minute at this time? An easy win for them would be to Madden 21 coins roll out something like 3v3 online franchise style. They've already proven their technical abilities to achieve this with Squads. Guess what though, they won't or refuse to because 96 individuals playing a 3v3 connected franchise nets them extra dollars. They want us playing UT; bring your friends along with your wallets.

Haha, it is a lot of fun but needing to do UT to play squads sucks. I am planning on not buying the game this season and boycotting till they put some effort to other manners. They have lost a super fan who's owned both games every year going back into the sega genesis days. Dont buy into this damage control announcement, keep the media on, recall that they didnt bother to address a lot of shit during the dev of 21, a couple of weeks of incorporating shit aint gont change anything.

It took them a while but EA did eventually fix starwars battlefront two after all of the backlash. There is a possibility they will react with actual change if we keep the pressure on. Thats because disney put the fucking clamps down behind the scenes along with the community. No body fucks using the mouse along with all of his resources. But battlefronts issues were coping with lootboxes which in the time were starting to draw the ire of gambling fans through many unique games even congress was going to start getting involved. Ea might have still place a campaign mode in but they likely wouldn't have addressed the cover to acquire problem if it was just the fans getting involved. Right now for madden its mostly fans and youtubers pressing on the issue with a few sports characters here and there.

I haven't been this stunned at anything in video games because the end of the last of us 1. I seriously can't believe they really acknowledged us. They've always just ignored us. I'm still very sure they will not add anything, but the fact that they even said anything at all is much better than that which we had yesterday! Good start everybody, but we got much more expressing of opinions to do if franchise will get to where it should be! The developers have been in contact with the fans. Was always going off on Twitter. He quit and cheap Madden nfl 21 coins came out and basically said the developers are not in control, executives are. I've never seen a developer, or neighborhood supervisor ever acknowledge the franchise community's annoyance. We've been ignored for years, and it's clear by community's frustration, and in the grade of the mode.

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