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Home The yard obtained Halloween content before MUT
The yard obtained Halloween content before MUT
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Location: hefei, gsd
Country CHINA
Start Date: Thu, December 10 2020
Expire Date: Fri, January 29 2021 00:00
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Registered since: Sat, April 25 2020
Location: CHINA
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So they understand the vacation exists. That's very good to Madden 21 coins understand. EA is preparing for a long time in which loot boxes are illegal. Yard just sells makeup so legislators will allow it to pass. This is possibly the answer. As soon as I phoned EA at release inquiring where my MUT wages were for preordering; after I received my answer and was attempting to hang up the guy on the phone was compelling me to try out the lawn and raving about how it was awesome and so much fun yada yada. I still haven't played with it, but your theory seems likely IMO.

THe lawn will be free to play shortly. That is only step 1 advertising. It will be the flagship mobile mode soon I'm sure. I noticed streamers on madden live are enjoying lawn over mut. I had been thinking that also. A number of this Yard looks will be cool in MUT but overall we want color rush and classic uniforms in MUT ASAP pls EA. Ya I play it once in awhile with some buddies. It may actually be some decent fun if you play it for what it is and have a pleasant time.

That's the issue imo. When I played like BO3 zombies together with my friends, running around like idiots and having a goofy time was like last resort if we were really tired. In Madden when you are at this point, it demonstrates that it's not taken seriously, they ought to either put the funds back to MUT and Franchise or wait till they're prepared for the yard to be a significant game style to release it.

Don't get me wrong the yard is not bad but you have to actually try to have fun with it instead of like Minecraft where you can just hop in and enjoy most of the time. Same deal with all the franchise, except I'm leaning more toward the Gutfoxx manner of carrying it from the sport entirely. Occasionally with buddies. We dont play competitively thoughwe just fuck around. Yeah all of the laterals make it fun. I play it once I simply don't feel like having to think a lot of in MUT. Get fried, have a beer and chill ya know.

I seen John Geiger all over the Yard, but who is he and why should I care? I will break it down as well as I know it. As a long suffering Jets fan, I recall back in 2010 when Revis hauled out. We kept getting updates through his right hand guy - a pseudo representative who was only his BFF from childhood or something, named John Geiger. Nobody really knew this Geiger guy did Revis, however, he promised to be the person you had to speak to to"reach Darrelle". And cheap Mut 21 coins somehow a couple of decades later, he's a fashion designer. That is the best I could make of it.

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