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As they don't exist within this world, enemies on Earth aren't Dark Falz
As they don't exist within this world, enemies on Earth aren't Dark Falz
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Start Date: Sat, October 31 2020
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As they don't exist within this world, enemies on PSO2 Meseta Earth aren't Dark Falz. Instead, you will see enemies known as Phantoms, that come in many different types from Clowns to Steamrollers. They are mainly weak to the wind element, including bosses, but there are exceptions. The bosses are powerful humans or Kaiju versions of Earth objects such as a three-headed subway train, so expect to find some craziness.

In PSO2, a brand new story means new Quests. Many will be the typical types (ARKS, Marathon, Exploration, etc.) taking place in the new areas, but anticipate new Urgent Quests and quest types to come with Episode Four or later it originally drops. Some of these may even come with completely new supervisors.

Like everything we have seen thus far, each will have their own strategies, and some will be raid-style occurring in new arenas. We have already seen Challenge Quests, which can be a fun way for alliances or teams to test their own mettle for good rewards. More new kinds are on the way, and some have different challenges and benefits, such as rewarding players who score high with better loot.

Obviously, Episode Four will also arrive with new pieces, such as gear, augments and cosmetics. Also likely being inserted is crafting, which many enthusiasts are asking about. Crafting was introduced in Episode Four in Japan so it is likely we'll eventually see it in the North American version in August. Here, you do not necessarily make things or equipment, and improvements can make weapons worse. The big thing that comes with crafting is the capability to personalize Approaches, new achievements and titles.

Most of the brand new cosmetics take after Earth along with the story's brand new characters, so they may not be for you if you would rather keep a high sci-fi appearance. One noteworthy new item is Bonus Keys. These are gained from Featured Quests and occasionally as Rare Drops. However, there's a catch: while they are easy to destroy, they're also able to deal massive damage, killing some classes in only one or two strikes. There's also a time limit on how long you need to complete the quest, and cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta failing means you've wasted a key. Bonus Quests drop tons of rare loot and certain currencies in bulk in addition to granting tons of experience, which makes them worth the time.

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