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I do so and wished to get into RS3 more lately
I do so and wished to get into RS3 more lately
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Location: Megaomgchen, 230022
Start Date: Wed, August 12 2020
Expire Date: Thu, August 13 2020 00:00
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I do so and wished to get into RS3 more lately, even bought a year's membership. The new RuneScape skill looks cool too. Then one day my accounts seemingly gets hacked and banned. Everything worth. It's so discouraging to OSRS gold login and see everything I worked on for those years gone, although I guess I am lucky that I got my almost 15 year old account. Why is it worse is that Jagex didn't notify me of any of this, the title change, a login, or the ban. Somehow my authenticator got removed. Man it doesn't feel worth it although I know I could work to get back everything.Remember when RuneScape was able to seem like this?

My purpose is that OSRS and 07Scape (RuneScape especially in 2007) are completely different games. EoC existed as part of RS2 until RS3 came out. OSRS began as a revival of 07Scape, but has since become vastly different from 07Scape following years of adding fresh content and patches. Saying that OSRS is the same as RS2 or even 07Scape is misleading. There is a reason people do not refer to OSRS as RS2. Simply speaking, 07Scape was RuneScape at 2007 and OSRS may have begun as a revival of 07Scape but has turned into a model of RuneScape. RS Classic, RS2, RS3, and OSRS are different games with different content.

They are games with teir lists, distinct finish match and QoL that is all, but they're fundamentally the exact same base game. They are essentially'growth' content. You can assert their effect on RuneScape is but it's not a game. You're arguing over rhetoric and semantics, that's why you feel as though people don't know your argument. Not a single individual is denying osrs = RS2, the point is that they have a similar spirit and intention of game design.

Saying OSRS is RS2 is similar to stating WoW classic is exactly the same game as current WoW. Or saying that FFXIV and A Realm Reborn would be buy RuneScape gold the games. It's not exactly the exact same game. Yes, OSRS is a game that is different. RS2 out of 07-10 had Summoning, Dungeoneering, different equipment etc and it added together. Saying that they're exactly the same is misleading. OSRS is based off of RS2. The distinction is that RS2 had had almost 10 decades of content and updates it became RS3. RS2 also existed with OSRS and had lots of content that was different.

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