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Saint Ballotwine's Day? Why, it is today!
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Location: hefei, gsd
Country CHINA
Start Date: Tue, May 26 2020
Expire Date: Fri, May 29 2020 12:00
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MMOruki (0)      
Registered since: Sat, April 25 2020
Location: CHINA
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Do some thing to buy Dofus Kamas make your sweetie's heart melt than chocolate at a Bwork's sweaty palm. Give a bouquet of roses to them, a Emerald Dofus necklace, or even a Chocrosis-infected Gobball's still-warm body, disembowelled for them! Or maybe a service from the shop. Duf, the Meridia of Luv, is preparing for his biggest day of the year... annually, it is the same old tune.

The sweet nothings whispered by fans as they splash on you and drip everywhere and smooch on park benches ooze. Put a stop to the goopy overdose of love and those disgusting displays of affection in the traditional manner: by clobbering some Gobballs that is pink! You see, although Saint Ballotwine is the vacation for heartsick fans everywhere, it's also high season for a different illness called Chocrosis, the result of an unfortunate experiment by Otomai, the best alchemist of time.

Are you more the type to shout your love and pleased to the Planet of Twelve? And let us remind you that DOFUS provides you the option to get married in-game! Can choose to use the St. Ballotwine's Day Hat to indicate that their heart is up for grabs! This is also a fantastic time to remind you that in the event that you finish the"Offering to get Duf" quest, you will obtain a Saint Bonnetwine hat beginning next week.

Winning the heart of your crush can be tough if your title is Droop Flopsalot or Crusty Bunz. Especially if you've got the body of a Peki Peki spanned with a Pikoko. Want to maximize your chances of charming that special someone who gets your left and right ventricles pumping in harmony, but also your vena aorta cava and tricuspid valve? Then hurry to check our selection of services out!

To help you decide, we're providing a 20% discount on altering your character's name, gender, colors, face or course, and about the Makeover Pack, Mimisymbics, and also the"New Life" Bundle. Grab the services that you need and you are going to be ready to strut your stuff in wake your Leopardo Dicarpaccio or Scarlett Jomama, or Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro the Miss & Mister 2020 pageant.Server: You've spoken

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