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Home The brand new OSRS boss arena looks Slightly familiar
The brand new OSRS boss arena looks Slightly familiar
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Start Date: Mon, May 18 2020
Expire Date: Fri, July 31 2020 00:00
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Honestly, I'd love more information from OSRS for RS3. We obtained Anachronia as our answer to buy RuneScape gold Fossil Island, I would really love a few of the guilds, skilling resources and guilds they've. "Plenty" is a stretch, but the teams do still work somewhat together and do copy their assignments, but, OSRS has more of RS3 compared to RS3 has of OSRS. It's not a thing to flex on, we must bear in mind that RS3 has had more time, advancement, and thought placed in to mechanics and systems. It is easier to copy something that has proven to be"good" rather than trying to compose your own thoughts.

OSRS is gradually becoming another RS3 fork so many don't even recognize it. Individuals even pushing Runelite HD, additional abilities, areas from RS3, and so much more from RS3. As long as it is not EoC, MTX, or powercreeped, most people don't mind new additions so long as they're well balanced. Hell, most people desired a 2011-2012 copy of RuneScape but had to pay for 2007, which is gradually coming nearer into the pre-eoc feel.Seriously it's remarkable how much I hear folks on RS3 bitch about dung while I totally loved that update. Just sucks weapons just have 1 attack style today (used to have the ability to use 2h to slash and crush which covered nearly every style you needed).

I mean sure, not everybody would stop since some might like buying ranks/levels/etc. Gold farmers like Vene's would still be playing just because it is better than their occupations, MTX or not. But there'd still be a huge drop in gamers, particularly with the way one-sided the recent survey was for its sponsor-mtx that were just purely cosmetic products. Couldn't Jagex only hold fresh content hostage before OSRS players vote in favour of more MTX, just like they did with bonds and F2P OSRS? Bonds are much worse MTX than cosmetics and yet most OSRS players haven't quit.

They could try, but the majority of people really wanted bonds. People were buying OSRS gold for real cash from day 1, so allowing them do it via jagex didn't change anything there, all it did was allow individuals to cover their membership with ingame gold.This is hilarious, they can hardly create content I dont think they're in a place to hold it hostage, all 3 dozen individuals putting up with their shit would probably just proceed.

But I must have stated they would not stop if it was decorative only MTX. Mat K talked about this and it's over 90% of gamers don't want buyable exp (internal tests via inviting players over). They would quit. But if RS3 wasnt profitable anymore they would forcefully put MTX onto 07 to make up gains, but makeup only. They also said they'd agree with decorative just MTX if it had been an absolute must for old school runescape gold to stay alive. 07 is steadily declining in gamers, so finally it'll probably reach that point.

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