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Need to changes in OSRS, if Jagex actually want to be about diversity!
Need to changes in OSRS, if Jagex actually want to be about diversity!
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Start Date: Thu, May 07 2020
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When they don't launch the upgrade for Old School, they've done nothing but cheap RuneScape gold draw attention to how they're embarrassed of their own writing, but are prepared to change it within their match. There's likely to be snowy robe'd riots in Falador Should they DO launch it for Old School. It Will be Rainbow Fountain 2: Desert Boogaloo. The half-release makes them look like incinsere panderers, and a full-release will make RuneScape"less welcoming" due to community backlash. Sometimes, the move is not to play.

I think OSRS would change it, but not before properly changing the pursuit text. The changes that are current make a great deal of dialog not make sense and split it. The OSRS community would be fine with the shift save a few whiners, but they would not let lazy QA undergo. I wonder if RS3 doesn't care because the number of players who finish the Feud each month is minimal, to be honest. Meanwhile OSRS nevertheless has a lot of players that are newer so they might QA it better. In any event, breaking a pursuit when it might have been changed to make sense with nominal effort (i.e. having everyone's name change into Ali either during or until you beat the pursuit ) would make the storyline still make sense. That and keeping Alice's name.

The best heavyweight boxer in the world in the minute calls himself that the gypsy king and nobody bats an eye. And because the old mayor left Ali his will everybody in pollnivneach is named Ali; but nobody came. Therefore it became tradition to name yourself and kid it to try and maintain. But the Ali change is pandering. There is literally lore behind it, and it is a single place in the desert.

It wouldn't be the first time that they made a switch that applies to two matches yet made the difference. They did not bother to modify the Romeo and Juilet quest though that was apparently a copyright problem with RS3, as it's release back in 2013 yet it's been in OSRS. There was no copyright issue; all Shakespeare's works have been from the public domain.The copyright/trademark dilemma was using the nurses hat bearing the red cross /u/g_snn However it is still reddish on OSRS.It's not either a copyright or trademark, those expire. It is part of the Geneva conference and protected by country legislation.

You are able to play steampunk, post-apocalypse, contemporary horror, epic dream, pre-history, with sci-fi, and some pretty unique genre settings. There is all sorts of adventure modules to megadungeons into configurations from one page dungeons to novels comprising of arbitrary tables. What do you think is missing? Are there any genres, sourcebooks, and tools you would like to have this dont exist? Is there something that you think the rs2007 gold will be good at that it has not done?

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