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Why weapons need to be balanced
Why weapons need to be balanced
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Start Date: Sat, November 30 2019
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And I need to be able to use defenses with a two-handed weapon. I don't think, given that you ought to be blocked since you choose a two handed weapon from using them. Sometimes there just are not that many weapon choices for a set. Pretty much all are two-handed. I want to have the ability to use shields. And I truly wanted to for cosmetic purposes regardless.If you create the present craft-able shields mimisymbic just and non craft-able wont exactly the Dofus game face the same issues it currently has with some busted shields being worth billions of kamas? This seems like a stupid oversight to me.

Why weapons need to be balanced according to 1 or 2 handed standing, I don't understand. It makes no sense. I believe by setting the cost and quantity of strikes per turn up in accordance with their power, they ought to be balanced. 1 or 2 handed standing now has no significance other than whether you are able to use a shield with it, but having a shield with it does not include any additional personality advancement. And both will operate after this update with shields. So it sounds to me like you're balancing weapons to balance weapons, not.

Better way to state that really is: why rebalance weapons when Lynn stated above is accurate? No statistical difference between the two groups. Create a statistical difference when both will allow shields? If one shields with these results and the other did not, a difference can be understood by me. That's not the case.If the new damage stats on shields counts as final damage that is complete bs, only let it revolve around defensive stats - I mean come on, it's a shieeeeld...

If you are gonna bring these new stats on future sets certainly the present sets we've will become irrelevant unless you're planning to increase the maximum amounts to 300 or so. , mp/ap res, mp/ap red. The new introduced stats should just be in the form of trophies. Or I hoped you'd reintroduce this Shushettes' older mechanic and possibly apply it on protects.

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