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While Face of the Franchise could use some help
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Start Date: Sun, June 27 2021
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While Face of the Franchise could use some help, the franchise mode is always the one at the center of controversy when the game's community is mad. Like the prior game mode, it does not have to be rebuilt from the ground up. What it does require is some quality of life upgrades to be able to earn the launch of the new match effective. It might help if EA compensated the exact same type of focus on realism that MLB The Show does with its franchise style. The Show does not do anything particularly flashy, but the sport mode functions as though they're running a significant league leading office.


The Madden NFL series used to be similar in texture with its franchise mode. In reality, it was so good it really birthed a whole other game which enabled individuals to feel as though they were the head coach and general manager. Oddly, that appears to be about the time when the mode in Madden games dropped off a little. EA appears to understand that it needs to attract the rain when it has to do with the franchise mode. It said as much this autumn when the community voiced its disappointment over Madden NFL 21.


1 change that could be coming down the pike is the arrival of Madden NFL 22 about the Nintendo Switch. Certainly needing more platforms to play the game is going to help its popularity, but not if what is offered on those platforms is only the"same old, same old." A new platform is a large change, particularly because it could mark the first time that the show is on a Nintendo console in over a decade. However, the focus needs to be on what's in the game, rather than where it can be performed in order for Madden NFL 22 to grab a launch day score.



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