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1. Sign up by pressing Login/Register button (if you are registering for the first time, after the registration check your confirmation email and  click on the appropriate link).

2. At the tab User name enter your nick name.

3. At the tab Password enter your password.

4. Press Start NEW Auction or press the round sign NEW (all field marked with the asterisk are required.)

5. In the Title field, enter the item's name(below additional information must be completed in English)

6. In the Category field, choose the category where the item will be placed (jewelry, handiwork, etc.)

7. At the Published field, Yes field must be ticket(if it is ticked No, that item will not be posted.

7a. Filling the Tags field is strongly recommended, as it allows to associate keywords to the item. (six words or phrases followed by a comma)Using these keywords the product will be found  more faster on the Internet.

8. Leave a Short item description

9.In the Description field, please describe your item in further detail, i.e. advantages, status, functionalities, etc. Or you can use the Short item description.
Attention! Developers are recommended to leave a brief introduction of their creativity and other details. It could raise the value of their work.
9a. In the External Link field, enter your website's (Facebook or other social pages are accepted) or an internet store link. You can leave the field blank.

10. At Main Picture press Browse and from your computer select the main item photo (Your Photo should have at most 1500 KB!) (1,5 MB)

Important! If the picture is taken from your personal Facebook profile, it is necessary to shorten the name of picture, because all of the pictures on Facebook have very long names. Unfortunately, the auction  system doesn't accept very long pictures names.

11. At Additional Pictures, press Browse, if you want to place additional pictures of the same product.

12. At the Start Date field, choose the date of the start of the auction, or when to allow buyers to see your item.

13. In the field End Date, choose a fixed selling price or the auction end time and date.

14. In the Auction field, press the Auction Type button and choose the type of auction you want from the drop-down list : Public Auction, Private Auction or (Buy It Now) BIN Only Auction.

15. At the BuyItNow Setting (BIN) section, tick the square, and choose from the pull-down list either Auction without BIN (only auction) or Auction with Buy it now (bin) (auction and fixed price together. It is useful, if the buyer does not want to wait for the auction to end, and would like to instantly buy the item instead.).

BIN Buy It Now Price:

16. At the Currency section, near the USD box, tick and choose the currency.

17. At the Start Bid field, enter the bidding price or fixed price of the item.

18. By the description Max Price tick Show or Hide.

19.By the description Bidder Number tick Show or  Hide number of bets.

20. By the description Default Minimum Increase in the field enter starting price.

21. By the description Payment Info choose one of Any type of payment (if you choose  PayPal or another payment method in the field Additional Payment Info enter name of payment sistem what you want to use), Bank Transfer, VISA / MASTER CARD. To identify the payment card VISA/MASTER CARD for security reasons, do not write anything in box Payment Additional Info (all this information you can send to the buyer's email).

22. In the gap Shipment Price enter Postage & Packaging (P&P) costs (it is not necessary because later you may need to check postal rates).

23. By the description Shipment Info you are recommended enter how many days your  item will be delivered (is not necessary).

Re-check everything and if the information is correct click Save.

Sometimes after saving may appear a grey table with notice:
Message from webpage
Please be sure that the Start Date is not before Todays Date!

If everything is OK click OK and you will see description Success!

It greatly effects sales if your picture's quality is poor, provide an honest description of the items size, colour, defects, etc.

Don't forget to click Member Logout (disconnect), especially if you have been working on a computer that is not yours.


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