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Home Therefore, even if they didn't care we seem to maintain a fine place at this time
Therefore, even if they didn't care we seem to maintain a fine place at this time
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Start Date: Sat, February 20 2021
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There was no way they could have managed a huge online game such as PSO2 during those years, and even following the mix, they had been busy with not just localizing more games from more franchises they could not in the years earlier, but also they were busy with improving their localization process so the western releases could be nearer to the JP releases. Even today in 2020 the recent SEGA of all America/Atlus USA would not have been able to deal with the entire PSO2 job by themselves (as we could see from the partnership between SEGA and Microsoft with MS hosting the servers and community along with service being outsourced to ESTSoft).


"We heard a great deal of players say they've been waiting eight long years for this release. [laughs] So we were really happy about that." That laugh better be a nervous (oops. Sorry) one rather than a mocking one. It's at the end of a question about how popular the beta was. It reads as"lots more individuals played beta than anticipated, and told us they had been waiting eight long years with this - so we were pleased at just how popular it was" rather than"we had been happy folks were waiting for eight years" Honestly I am just happy the game was outside, it's doing well, we're actually getting content upgrades and such.


Therefore, even if they didn't care we seem to maintain a fine place at this time and that's what is important. Just keep playing and supporting the game if you enjoy it and Sega will see that they have a decent enough player base here to not bungle things later on. What a non answer for the why the 8 year delay query. Its obvious they lost interest long ago and only changed their mind for this release because of Microsoft practically funding it. All what has been said here makes quite a lot of sense in retrospect. The clunky translation due to the group not having much control on it, and the massive delay for your EN version. For those who do not recall, PS as a series has had a few really DOGSHIT customer service in the west, all the way back to PSO. Sega as a company has an extreme tendency toward the crippling fear of making money.


If you want to know more about PSO2, you can visit

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