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I've just implemented a fix for EVE echoes
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Location: hefei, gsd
Country CHINA
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Start Date: Mon, January 11 2021
Expire Date: Fri, February 26 2021 00:00
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MMOruki (0)      
Registered since: Sat, April 25 2020
Location: CHINA
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There are a few bugs in the fuzzy searching. I'll be looking at repairing those tonight!No anxieties, thanks so far! Also EVE Mobile ISK the funniest one I ran across was that the Moa with abilities lol, it revealed a BP to get a rep module. But loving the tool in any event. In having troubles I can get the bot working via pvt conversation but it won't operate in our overall:/ I have to be missing something I belive it's consent. (I didnt change anything) I'm brand new to this bot stuff lmao!It's probably a permissions issue. You can try joining the discord linked in the bot! Help command and requesting help there. There have been several people asking for assistance with getting their permissions setup and others on the discord have been assisting resolve their issues.

Thanks! I've just implemented a fix for this on my dev build, I should be prepared to push an upgrade within the next hour or so two.I added it to my server but nothing happens when im write the commands that you added in examples.Make certain that the bot has permissions to read and send messages to the channel you are attempting to use the controls from.Yes which was the mistake, now it works.Updated with new commands this morning! Check out the Planetary Resources control to discover the closest planets using the highest planetary resource output or use the jump command to quickly learn how many jumps are between any two methods!

Just my suggestion. As someone who would like to sell Rolex materials in a big volume, I believe I'd rather observe the highest price of the product, but at precisely the exact same time, the highest price ought to have a large quantity (so perhaps it shouldn't be called greatest purchase price per se, but more like greatest cost cost with a minimum of X large quantity with the quantity being dynamic for each product ). For instance, right now, Lustering Alloy out of your API is placed at 73.20 each unit. However, as someone that specializes in Planetary Materials, I would like to market my mats in the maximum cost (obv).

When I see the industry in-game right now, the maximum buy price is 113.0, however the person is only buying 1,025 units:--LRB- Therefore I most probably won't market there seeing there is another individual purchasing for 110.0 per unit and he wants 24,929 units. I obviously wish to sell for 110.0 each instead of 113.0 (because of the minimal cost amount ) or 73.20 (the average price). So if there is a way to demonstrate that 110.0, it'd be great.

Hmm. Interesting. Thanks for being so specific. My algorithm is probably seeing a lot of the immense orders which are still down at the 70-75 range and over-indexing on these. I believe that incorporating in the actual"highest purchase price with a massive volume" would be more useful if I could upgrade the data very often, but at the current rate of updates there's probably going to be a lot of fluctuation there. But I've been thinking about weighting buy orders more if they are for buy eve echoes isk higher costs so that those large orders that are significantly cheaper than the greatest ones don't bring down the cost too much.

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