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I am asking these questions in order to maximise the number
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Location: Megaomgchen, 230022
Start Date: Fri, December 11 2020
Expire Date: Sat, December 12 2020 00:00
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I am asking these questions in order to maximise the number of things I can get done in members. I don't need to be like my classmate that OSRS gold just bought members and randomly started training abilities, as I am not able to afford continual payments of 18 bucks per month. Thus, I realized that many members on these forums are more experienced than me , and could advise me about how to go about doing things. Thanks!

Let's begin with GWD. Yes, 90+ in all skills is more then enough to acquire a good team and do great. You truly won't need 90+ prayer though, if you don't truly want it. 70+ will probably be just nice. By coaching with slayer, you're going to get about the identical amount of experience in charms as you do slayer experience. For example, 20k slayer encounter should get you about 20k experience value of charms to get summoning, but it changes somewhat during actions.

80 mil is more then enough to get started with slayer. I advise you do Smoking Kills pursuit first if you have not. Buy a black mask, and save up rewards till you are able to turn that mask into a slayer helmet. Bandos chestplate and tassets make great slayer armour. You might also receive a dragon plate and legs and also spend the remainder on a sgs in the event that you prefer to have an sgs. At greater slayer levels, slayer can really repay prayer. The occasional slayer thing drop will cover of things. When you get to 83 slayer, then you may possibly acquire several dragon boot drops in a single trip.

You could train range in tzhaar possibly since you desire more income for prayer. You are going to be collecting onyx bolt hints and possibly tzhaar armour and weapons. It will not be a massive profit, but may help you out some. You could also try ranging a few jobs, such as fire giants if you get people. That's all that I can answer for today, very good luck though.

If I were to get combat skills to 90, would that be RS 2007 Gold good for godwars (All abilities including prayer) Yes, it'll be helpful, I think thats wat is required for Godwars, but that is when you solo but you'll be fine if you go with a group. If so, how long would that take via slayer? Well, is dependent upon how long you play. I would say at least 1-2 weeks. . .with like 2-3 hrs per day I guess. Is 90 prayer worth it?

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