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I enjoy the concept of RuneScape
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Location: hefei, gsd
Country CHINA
Start Date: Wed, November 04 2020
Expire Date: Thu, December 31 2020 00:00
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Registered since: Sat, April 25 2020
Location: CHINA
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Players in ironman mode would have a special chat badge, maybe a skull (like the mod crown or RuneScape gold VIP star). We'll need to locate a way to allow ironman players to finish Shield of Arrav and Heroes Quest solo. As a stretch target, we would think about a hiscore table filter to only show ironman players. Also requires a newly established character. You only have one life -- once you are dead that's game over! Just your hiscore stays. Hardcore ironman style would show a different chat badge (possibly a red skull).

That's what we've got up to now. Mods Easty, Philip and Pips. I enjoy the concept of the one life item. That's the way I thought the game was initially and when I died to a prison guard I thought the game was over. I thought we would just collect the best ways to make money here, so you are able to afford top of the line equipment and everything. This is not for meI only see people that are comparatively low leveled ask this in the cc and it would be nice to have a place to direct them to. Yes, there's a money making topic somewhere but it's outdated.

And currently the list is incomplete obviously. Starting: Do daily warbands and slayer till you reach 81 slayer or 85 herblore. Things you can do in this beginning stage: Chaos Dwarf Battlefield. AFK but necessitates Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf pursuit. Be aware of loot beams periodically. Leaving a clan or buddies chat might help because the beam lasts just 10 minutes but the message alerting you of a ray stays in the chatbox forever, but might be pushed out by discussion dialog. Avoid use of degradables. . Try using a stabbing weapon. Major issue with this is that it takes 85 Dungeoneering and likely some magic notepaper. Continuing with warbands before 96 Herblore is sensible as well.

Combine a nex team or continue with QBD until you have at least 95 prayer, 96 Herblore, and much more tier 90 equipment. Skilling- Some people don't enjoy killing things repeatedly, so I thought I would include this. Runecrafting. At 59, craft double cosmic runes via the abyss, which is 2m per hour. In 82, you are able to craft double paned runes. Depending on the GE prices, it may be better compared to cosmics. In 91, you can craft dual natures. Again, assess GE price to see what is best.

Herblore. Train normally or do daily warbands until a certain level. Make bare potions (water and a herb) and sell them. Crafting. Do Shades of Morton. Repair the temple and create sacred oil using olive oil with the sacred flame on world 88. ~1m per hour and very AFK. Non-combat Magic. Plank Make at level 86 Magic. Humidify clay at level 68 Magic ~2m/hr. I don't know how good the gathering skills are for making money nowadays, but I doubt they move beyond 1m an hour. Handling Miscellania - Do both quests involving the area, and put 10m (max amount) in. Anticipate around 160% on returns when using proper allocation (I really do mahogany logs). Player Owned Ports - Can make countless week with approximately five minutes of work every day. However, you will want to be doing this for about a year and must have the proper levels to start Ports and create items (it is level 85-93 for everything). Shop purchasing - buy RS gold out store materials like feathers, broad arrowheads, yak hides, chocolate bars, battlestaffs, elemental runes, seaweed.

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