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We all have loved RuneScape over the years
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Location: Megaomgchen, 230022
Start Date: Thu, October 29 2020
Expire Date: Fri, October 30 2020 00:00
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Registered since: Tue, October 22 2019
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Obviously, we wish only the best for Jagex and OSRS gold the continuing well-being of RuneScape, however, the Sal's community has asked itself: can we support this latest transfer by Jagex to implement micro-transactions, a transfer they themselves only a few years ago would have deemed unethical? The solution is no. Even as pricey as it would be for one to buy enough spins to progress an ability to level 99, it remains the possibility exists for a Jagex-sponsored RWT extravaganza. It has since grown into a community full of different individuals from various walks of life. We're proud to hold a Platinum-level fansite rating, since it displays our commitment to this match, the high standards set by Jagex, and the player-community. However, because we've got such love for this particular match, we have to ask that Jagex reconsider their decision, and remember that the spirit of the game is what brings people into it.

It's highly unsatisfactory, on login, to see Jagex pushing the Squeal Wheel so aggressively, in addition to so prominently displaying the option to pay real-world money to buy more twists. That is such a far cry from the first stances supposedly held by this business that it is nauseating. Jagex's disregard for player safety by making it so easy to purchase spins with stored credit card info opens less-aware players up to hardship when their account password is stolen. Furthermore, Jagex's as well as their evident intent to benefit from their customers --especially younger gamers --in what's basically a type of betting is profoundly troubling to clients who recall a far more"players-first" RuneScape that has gradually been eroded as time has progressed.

These remarks may well finish in Sal's losing its Platinum-level rating. This is a decision of conscience. We cannot in good faith encourage this move by Jagex.

While this may seem rude or unpleasant considering how much most of us have loved RuneScape over time, it is only said from that exact same love and care. We have invested a lot of our own time and effort into this game and its community that we are deeply troubled something as dishonest as this current upgrade by Jagex would ever show up in this wonderful game. We promote Jagex, should they read this, to not be insulted, but hopefully awed by the simple fact they have produced a community with an ethical sense this strong and be motivated to use the community to reach a solution that Old School RuneScape Gold pleases both parties. Thank you.

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