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Sam notes that many Venezuelans play enjoyment rather than gold
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Start Date: Wed, September 09 2020
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Sam notes that many Venezuelans play enjoyment rather than gold and lots of the Venezuelan RuneScape players we have spoken to OSRS gold say the same, that they play for pleasure or profit from RuneScape by enjoying with it legally instead of by carrying out intensive gold farming methods. However, those RuneScape players are eager to voice their worries about the animosity they regularly face, and state that while they're mindful gold farming is against RuneScape's terms and conditions, they're only playing this manner only because they have no other option. "a lot of people don't know why we farm gold in RuneScape; they believe we do it as a hobby and do not envision the real reason behind why we do it"

"There are also a lot of folks giving support," Alejandro continues. "I really love that, and such people usually understand the reasons why Venezuelans sell gold in RuneScape.''``I have seen a real mix [of comments]," says Perez. "Some dreadful shit from those who are racist or'trolling' but in the other end folks who seem really keen to encourage you. So far the good has outweighed the bad. Last month another sort stranger contributed $1k for my [bitcoin] account since he wanted to buy food for my community" This stranger has since been in touch with Perez to make this a recurring contribution. Acts of kindness toward Venezuelan RuneScape players aren't rare. 1 RuneScape participant from the Netherlands noticed an influx of Spanish-speaking users, and reached out to help.

"I basically try to assist [Venezulan RuneScape players] because they deserve better in their actual life," he states. "I offer them help and perform giveaways since I have enough cash. It helps them so muchbetter. They all barely speak English, so it is difficult for them to learn from themselves too." He doesn't believe that the growth in RuneScape players is having a negative impact on RuneScape, but that it's really helping the economy. He tells us he has met with a diverse selection of RuneScape players running the gamut from folks who perform RuneScape to help feed their entire families whenever they need extra money, to people who play for enjoyment but will turn to gold farming.

"Venezuelans do not hurt RuneScape ethics at all; in fact they only make it more bearable for the high-end RuneScape players, even as they keep prices of certain items low," he says. As word of this crisis in Venezuela continues to spread, there has been cheap RS gold a favorable response from portions of this RuneScape community that are becoming conscious of what's happening in the nation. Most recently, one popular RuneScape YouTuber posted a video in which he encouraged his 117,000 followers to assist Venezuela. For Alejandro, more compassion and a greater understanding of the situation that Venezuelan RuneScape players find themselves would be greatly appreciated.

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