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In Madden 12 you could meet U.S
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Start Date: Fri, August 14 2020
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In Madden 12 you could meet U.S. President Barack Obama. Back in Madden 21 coins, 06, and 07 a weekly radio series was. One of my favourite parts of Madden 05 was listening to Tony Bruno every week. Picture if Pat McAfee was in Madden 21. In Madden 05 to Madden 07 or 08, you can create a enthusiast. You would see that fan in the chairs, whenever you would play a game. At Madden 12 you could choose the cover athlete. At a march madness just like a tournament. In the end it was between Peyton Hills and Michael Vick (it was Hillis). Envision if Madden did some thing like this today. In Madden 11 and 12 you had Dynamic Attendance. By way of instance, if the Jaguars were enjoying at home vs the Cleveland Browns then it would have reduced attendance. Today in madden all of the stadiums are sold out.

Madden is in need of a demonstration overhaul that is lengthy late. Look at NBA 2K. Before each game there's evaluation from animated Shaq and Kenny Smith. There running around doing cheerleaders or mascot things. There is cut constantly to interviews with coaches and players. There is history and stats. I really don't require a ESPN or Fox Sports sponsorship, but fuck. Those little details include much immersion to the NBA series. Madden could learn a thing or 2. 2k may do with immersion but Madden 21 has lots of issues. The devs lie about content each year to their fans. They haven't added anything and the franchise mode is cover to win.

Dynamic presence was taken out due to NFL owners. They didn't enjoy watching their stadiums empty. Everything else is great to own, but no chance comes back. It is funny. The main reason was due to snow/rain. Person I kinda get why the owners would do this (I suppose ), but it is not like they can't make it so fans would leave following a blowout or perform chants in the stadium. home field advantage is actually a thing, or they can make it. If your staff is great, your fans need to be more excited to cheer you on, making it more difficult for the opposing team. It would not be hard to add in (it was in NCAA) just make audibles harder to do/false begins more prevalent/shakey display etc. It'd make who you are playing a week-to-week basis more significant. That tiny change gameplay much more refreshing and would make both franchise style.

I want some kind of Power feature that is standing. I felt immersed in the league but they simply moved into the 25, when they had the news tab on the site. I also wish they'd add some type of sim logic where the good teams which are on a roster do not get unrealistically dismissed. When I play, AND hard teams it a challenge. That would be a cool feature. It would get franchises. I understand daddyleagues and/or mymadden do something similar. The visit was humorous in a franchise. You win the Super Bowl in 2034 and are rewarded to cheap Madden nfl 21 coins Barack Obama. Football continues on as normal, although we hold elections.

Cephus actually got some love in madden

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