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Home A bit of Giannis highlights playing MyCareer with him
A bit of Giannis highlights playing MyCareer with him
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Start Date: Thu, August 13 2020
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Played him in the ECF and he dropped 51 in 2K MT and followed it up with a couple of games. I believe he averaged. Struggling to beat him in 6 with two or three close games but holy shit was he frustrating to play. I faced him in the first round of the playoffs. I am on the Bulls and we had Markannen on him. We stood no opportunity. 73 dropped on us and averaged in the sequence like 55. We dropped in 6 games.

When u slow it down players safeguarding Giannis, LeBron across the floor on some ocassions when closing in on them as if they have got an force field around them. But this wasn't it. When siakam approached the rim to shut out existent competitions on the perimeter, Men like Kevin Love took to their heels. I thought for a second team mates were doing this on purpose to sully my achievement since I refused to pass them the ball towards the end since they were dreadful on offense as well. The sole reason I didn't ruin my control was since I closed in on record. Since that game Ispoke up my group mates to keep chemistry at max and also updated floor general to gold even though I never see the badge popping up when I help.

Honestly, I believe Floor General is just one of those badges which are active as you are on the ground. I was messing with my 95 PG's badges with the Lakers, because I'd been experiencing some problems myself when it comes to my teammates (LeBron and AD were slacking*), so I'd replaced my HoF, Magic Passer for HoF Floor general and I could definitely tell the difference rather than only LeBron and AD's shots going down, but everyone's shots were moving down, and everyone was getting better touches because I was not the only moving the ball for once.

Now I have to confront him back to back next like game 1 at TOR and NBA 2K21 2 in the regular season in MIL two days afterwards. Welp guess it's time dor my own funeral.

Mostly because he stages by your player and legally moves your guy around (even without their legs going at times) for his spots for those dip cartoons. Defense doesn't even register. He is the most overused dude in PNO with participant select for that reason. Too many fools think they're great because they can vacuum every plank and Buy 2K MT get mad dunks with minimal work. Yea I've had dudes in drama right now send messages after beating me with Bucks or do that pause thing following a dip with Giannis and I despise it. There is not any bragging you exploited a 13, Should you win with.

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