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I agree with your record but Clowney's production
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Location: Megaomgchen, 230022
Start Date: Fri, July 17 2020
Expire Date: Sat, July 18 2020 00:00
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I agree with your record but Clowney's production goes beyond the stats sheet. His was about 10% that is just unfortunate although Ordinarily the conversion rate on Mut 20 coins qb hits to sack is 45-50 percent. Compare that to someone like Shaq Barrett who was close clowney but was a person at the average range with this stat.To be honest, I am more confused with the lack of cards from Madden NFL. How I build my team is that I scroll through the 96-99 overalls on auction, I then search for their power ups and have to work. When I had been looking another day, there is like almost no option for RG. Then I spent all this time and coaching building up Khalil Mack to figure out Darius Leonard has a much greater card once booted and it was a hell of a lot cheaper.

Wut? All this time that I've been attempting to build up the big names when these under appreciated cards have killer stats. I've always felt they ought to do a collection of like guys who just absolutely dominated in college. Give me guys enjoy Tim Tebow, Vince Young, Reggie Bush, Darren McFadden, CJ Spiller Jeremy Shockey, Orlando Pace, Charles Woodson, Eric Berry, Etc. In addition, I wish they'd add more Madden NFL players to every team. Only for your Saints, provide us Marques Colston, Jahri Evans, Darren Sproles, Roman Harper, Jon Vilma, Will Smith, Zach Strief and such. I adore having Deuce McAllister and Tracy Porter, give us a few amazing guys. Sorry lol, got side tracked there, but just my thoughts on it.

EA gives those guys cards cause they're great in madden. Mays and the skillsets of Vick translate nicely into Madden NFL. As for Clowney, he is pretty great in real life and was obviously among the better choices for a FA master. Giving someone a card in Madden because they are great in Madden is chicken and the egg. Clowney has rate but his pass rush stats do not reflect his creation. He not locking up high tier recipients on post routes. Mays skill sets doesn't translate to Madden. To jumping routes that aren't 13, no career interceptions doesn't translate. Rate translates but his precision doesn't.

I mean it's the monumental catch probably in the history of the NFL.True, not taking away anything from the grab or david tyree, but he didnt win the mvp in sb xlii, either. High jumping and rate that is higher, of course he's going to cheap Madden 20 coins become a MUT card that is favorite, that he was not a hall of famer.

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