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It is important to choose top quality wig
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Start Date: Fri, June 12 2020
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No matter the different reason, I think it is important to choose top quality wig. If you are interested in such topic, follow me to read article below.      Firstly, pay attention on the wig net materials  For example, you have to check whether the net materials is more comfortable when wearing wig, and then you have to check its air permeability. How to take such test? Wearing it and whether you feel itching or irritative, if yes, such wig must be poor quality one. Sometimes you can pull the elastic cord inside wig to take such test. If conditions allow, it is recommended to customize wig according to you hear size, color of skin and hair quality.      Secondly, use fire and hair drier to judge the quality of hairline, top quality or poor quality  After checking quality of net material, then you have to check the texture of hairline. Generally speaking, if it is the poor quality one, when using fire to burn hairline, you will small so nasty smell. Here is another way you can take a try, using hair drier with its strongest power to blow it for about 3 seconds to 5 seconds, be careful that the time should not be longer, otherwise wig net material would be damaged, it you also smell nasty smell with such way, it is the poor quality and please not to buy it.      Thirdly, choose suitable one according to the color of skin  Just like any other things, not the top quality one is suitable for you, on the contrary, you have to choose the suitable one. When buying wig, please consider you skin color and using occasion. If your skin color is yellow, it is better to choose maroon or puce wig. If you will wear wig to attend mask party, please choose wine red wig, yellow wig, orange wig and purple wig because of colorful lights in the party.

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