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HHJ Stacey ordered that the first Employment Tribunal
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HHJ Stacey ordered that the first Employment Tribunal which heard McCambridge's situation reconvene to choose whether he had contributed to winrsgold his sacking -- and also to decide what remedies (damages) to award him. 'Guess the Pay of the Executive'.At the moment, in Jagex there was"disquiet concerning the pay levels for developers", meaning when careless senior veep Hamza Mudassir left a copy of his own mother-in-law's visa program in an office printer, complete with his own wages particulars on it, news spread quickly. McCambridge initially saw it at 7am, afterwards pointing it into a death colleague -- that the"only man" he told that day about it, since the tribunal judges found.

The appeal judgment recounted: By lunchtime that day that a group of nine employees at an off-road work occasion in a restaurant were enjoying what the Tribunal called a bidding game -- Guess the Pay of this Executive you could call it -- where people would shout out a suspect and be informed if the salary was lower or higher than the suspect, until someone gave an accurate bid. McCambridge was not in the dinner. He was"at the office completely unaware of what was happening at the off-site work event". Angry staff confronted supervisors about Mudassir excessive pay packet.

Meanwhile, an unaware McCambridge arrived to work the next morning, saw the offending visa program still on display beside the communal printer and"put it in a confidential waste bin". Management wanted blood. McCambridge was summoned to a meeting with lead designer David Osborne, who had had his torso poked by the organiser of the lunch as to the degree of Mudassir's wages. McCambridge, the tribunal ruled, didn't take that the visa program record left on the printer for anyone to read was private. He was also"open about the three people he had mentioned it to".

McCambridge was summoned to a separate disciplinary hearing again, heard by David Osborne -- and has been sacked the day for misconduct. Jagex accused McCambridge of not showing"remorse for your actions or consideration for the wounded party, instead suggesting the blame is that of the party for leaving the info on the printer". Jagex's efforts to argue that McCambridge breached his contract of employment by failing to see to the visa program and salary details as confidential information completely failed after McCambridge represented himself at the first-instance employment tribunal hearing, which ruled in his favour.

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