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Well OSRS gold just uninstalled
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Location: Alaska, sgfdgd
Start Date: Sat, January 18 2020
Expire Date: Sun, January 19 2020 00:00
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Well OSRS gold  just uninstalled runescape after not playing for about 3 weeks since I wanted to wait around with this livestream to create my decision. But this has to be the non answer and out of touch stream I have seen out of a provider. Like nothing they stated is promising they want to experimentate with much more MTX to find out whether they can"lower" others like most of us know that wont happen. They have not said anything that's fixing our complaints their replies are essentially we need money fk you what is volatility I dunno boys pls provide more money to us. That chart of membership prices was fun considering they believe themselves to be on precisely the exact same level as games like FFXIV and WoW which is kinda insulting to others on the listing.

They're experimenting with new monetization models (different from MTX, but similar). They would like to reduce or eliminate TH if those succeed. However, they do not see a means to simply reduce TH presently which makes sense as they would likely have to fire lots of employees they can no longer afford which would subsequently cause distress to their company structure and raise the danger of it all falling apart leaving us with even worse updates. That is their argument for keeping TH. Do I like it? No. Do I know? Yes. Since not every company can be Elon Musk They're working safely.

Complete ignoring the simple fact that if runescape players value their time so tremendously they will clearly be annoyed that someone managed to achieve the identical thing as them half the time because they spent irl money/bonds. Runescape players placing a high value on their time could just as easily be utilized as a reason for why they should not sell"time savers". I don't care about mtx anymore, I've accepted it and I've been maxed to the better part of 10 decades today, but it leaves me scratching my buy runescape gp with discount coupon head, when they provide these types of statements.

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