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Concern #1: when it is implemented
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Location: Megaomgchen, 230022
Start Date: Sat, January 04 2020
Expire Date: Sun, January 05 2020 00:00
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Concern #1: when it is implemented, How refined will this system be? I am aware that the past fully new/re-imagined system implemented in Dofus sport (the infinite dreams) nevertheless has numerous troubles as well as the runes from Dofus Kamas an update 3 weeks past still do not work (or won't ever function in reference to corruption runes). I'm concerned that this system might be more of a fantastic idea on paper than in actuality.

Concern #2: Could the stars that are negative perhaps not apply to quest items? I understand that using my limited time for enjoying, having to wait for a number of days to have any prospect of falling quest things that are needed would put me off. I do think there has to be equilibrium to encourage all areas of Dofus game to be used, so I'm excited to see a few of these thoughts put forth.

While I like the notion of you adding more"in-world events" such as the chronomorphs, I feel like other in-world events like KOTH, AvA, dimension portals, village conquests, etc. have become obsolete or nearly awkward to partake in. Can this be guaranteed to differ?

I'm always pleased with the creativity of the Ankama staff when making new content, boss mechanisms, etc.. I hope that we are going to get more of a tested, finished product this time that functions as planned. I think everything that's implemented in Dofus game constantly has high-potential and nicely intentions (like the celebrity system revamp), but I also think these things tend to come out much less than ideal out of the gate. Anyhow, thank you Ankama for the newest content, new ideas, and communication.

Hm... well alright, this sounds like it might continue to Buy Dofus Kamas echo be interesting after all since it may be something done at all levels and not just some Amount 200+ material or some more stupidly tough level based solo quest content(for which I don't see much of a stage ).But do not you believe the Chronomorphs seem a bit too much like the Xelomorphs from Xelorium? I can see where you're going with them, but I was expecting a.. . Design, or these images were simply placeholders. If you fail to get out of the anomaly before it closes while not in a struggle and what's going to happen?

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