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I wasted thousands upon thousands of RuneScape gold
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Start Date: Wed, September 18 2019
Expire Date: Mon, September 30 2019 00:00
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Since I was like 8 or 7 when rs2 came out in 2004, I played . Off and on but I wasted thousands upon thousands of RuneScape gold hours scamming and botting and using real cash to purchase maxed accounts managing to wind up with nothing and no comprehension of the way to good in members. For botting on my primary, decided to go legit after I got a second chance with a temp ban. After few years of enjoying OSRS I have 100mill bank a few 99s and virtually all quests finished.runescape educated me that you arent supposed to love grinding, you simply do it and you also enjoy being better off for doing it, you dont have to enjoy training agility to feel the joy of finally earning graceful or making mills from marks such as. OP said himself he feels like he has nothing. And he could always do methods that are afk. Most interesting I have in RS when im hanging out at a cc whilst on a slayer task is usually.

I've been enjoying since 09 and all have to show for it is 99 magical in my Runescape3 accounts lmao. Unless you are like 30 years old now I am assuming you started as a kid so that you probably spent a great deal of time doing things wrong or like me.That is loving something. The more painful the road is somewhere the more satisfying it is to arrive at your destination. Hence there is no other MMO that feel as rewarding. Even tho the concept its easy, it's on point! no pain no gain!? You are the guy, man. I'm getting back to RuneScape out of a decade long break because highschool. The mobile fall got me hooked. You but you places a modicum of work.

Btw, placing that pro-tip at the beginning concerning the arrow keys for seeking the clip, smart move and tap method. For you introduced a severe quality of life advancement. Nice, I came to the tree tip, and that I disagree. When you have moneymaking to reevaluate the price 14, protect your trees. A tree is a trip and farming practice. Never allow your trees perish. It is not about cost, it is about an whole cycle of trees providing less farming exp. The quicker you get 99 farming, the faster you are able to buy OSRS gold stop doing tree operates and spend some time you might've spent making a lot of exp or money in different skills.

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