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True community is flourishing can not say anything to RuneScape gold
True community is flourishing can not say anything to RuneScape gold
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Location: beijing, 230601
Start Date: Tue, September 10 2019
Expire Date: Mon, September 30 2019 00:00
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Registered since: Sat, March 09 2019
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True community is flourishing can not say anything to RuneScape gold. In terms of relevancy... How frequently do you see dorgeshuun or elves. I am sick of people literally being like"oh my god osrs is wonderful it is a golden age of this franchise owing to it" while several upgrades in this past year basically do the identical thing that ruined market back in the Runescape3.

I played osrs for two years and performed from 2007-10 and last five months made me change to Runescape3 which I currently play for a little over a month. Runescape3 may have MTX but holy shit that the ammount of content for all that is amazing and skilling doesn't feel like a exact same fucking content for 120 hours straight (yes I am looking at you osrs runecrafting). Zeah amazing articles and both raids are also great but ffs either nerf current best pvm moneymakers which I mentioned or buff aged PvM loot tables because drops outside of uniques are miserable at shit like GWD for your effort you need to make compared to stuff like revs which got even more buffed by wildy weapons.

I played with it for quite a long time when it was new, and performed RS Vintage for the couple years that it was until 2 came out. But honestly, it's an ancient relic today, and though I've tried before to buy OSRS gold give it another go, I just can not find it fun any more like I did when I was 10. Thus, guess you are mistaken.

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