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For starting a series like 7
For starting a series like 7
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Location: Los Angeles, 90001
Start Date: Mon, September 02 2019
Expire Date: Fri, September 20 2019 00:00
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Registered since: Mon, August 26 2019
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Seems like a lot of people want to see the regular things you can do, but I believe this collection is fantastic for people that have never played the game before or remind folks of an old past time. Fantastic work bro. Keep doing you.I played with RS back in 07 then cease after I got wealthy and OSRS gold. I really wanted to start a new account and perform new exactly like this and this series is great for a person like me that does not remember a god damn thing about RS. For starting a series like 7, Thank you. I really look forward to following along with you and growing my new account at the process.I had kind of the opposite experience to youpersonally, restarted my OSRS accounts, made millions flipping on the GE and bought all I could ever want. This completely murdered my motivation to play with and I left an Ironman. Levelling up everything but I am loving being self-sufficient.

Perhaps you mention it from the video - I haven't finished it yet - but it'd be awesome if you didn't buy bonds for GP with this account also. I also switched from an iron straight back to a normie he and I forgot just how much of a grind (not at all a bad way) getting gp and upgrading equipment is within an intermediate accounts. Like deciding whether to find 5m for a fury or continue training or whatnot.i personally don't perform OSRS, and I think alot of people that don't play it love theese series cuz they could learn alot from it. Why I dont start playing is since nr.1 time nr.2 I dont understand any strategies and will probably take me ages to understand the way to be efficent. This series will bring folks in to the match.

I'm really happy I found this the ironman plays are fun but I do not have enough opportunity to perform Ironman this century it'll be nice to see a normal account grind and find some tips for fun things I can do. Can't wait to check out more of your content.the common miss conceptions that this youtube appears to love to reveal about his ignorance of Runescape3 is how free it's see if a player who puts in the opportunity to make money and get your f2p abilities to about 60 until you upgrade to associates and with less then 10 hours making the large end players readily 100m easily with bonds sitting under 20 around 15+million gold it makes me wounder why folks still think its cash-grabby when you can easily just purchase a bond and have over 50% normally of exactly what each treasure hunter event your trying for or all with your 2 daily keys always becoming your used you can save keys from treasure hunter from everyday's or quests and what not you can readily be a free member.

Dumbass that the reason why people make leage of legend comparisons is because there isnt any real games that are worth playing in the MMORPG besides less then 5 and there's nothing that particular in comparison to single player games in problem gameplay and features with so few games out the only place to find any decent games is on cellular but to call it dumb sounds brain dead to me even if you dont enjoy it theres always points to be made about sucess.So for someone who stopped right as Evolution of Combat came out and destroyed what was ideal Runescape, is it worth going back? My friend still has our accounts and has actually been playing on OSRS and it is likely 75+ each stat with cheap RuneScape gold (we had been flat 138 pre-EOC).

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