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Bandos was not banished without RuneScape gold a fight
Bandos was not banished without RuneScape gold a fight
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Start Date: Thu, August 15 2019
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He was a nice person, although the shy librarian we know was only a mask. Charos is a proficient enchanter, has a fancy arm, also seemingly thinks immortality is easy (but he will not go into the details). - Bandos was not banished without RuneScape gold a fight. It seems the scene out of Bandos's memory could just be the confrontation at a war that lasted years. - Zamorak had gotten the Infernus beaten out of him when Guthix arrived to reevaluate him. They hated him. - Armadyl and Saradomin were smart to leave without a struggle. - Sliske murdering Guthix was an inside job. - Seren was born millions of years. We've seen Zaros use the term"aeons" before, but that may be used pretty generically to just mean a long time. - Some new Dragonkin words. However, I haven't kept up with the Dragonkin language item. - Bunch of material. Zilyana understands about Garlandia, Fremennik have fields of hops for their ale-drinking wants, Aviansie like munching on seeds .

WARNNG: This thread comprises other quests along with significant spoilers for both Desprate times. So I've recently finished the pursuit and was amazed to understand that Kerapac was revealed as the main antagonist. As it appeared all signs were pointing into Xau-Tak being the principal villain. But I did a little thinking what if Kerapac and Xau-Tak are just one and the same?As we know Xau-Tak is effective at communicating across time and space with cheap OSRS gold. Where as the needle is tied to the time space continuum.

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