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Write a campaign slogan for your RuneScape gold
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Start Date: Mon, August 05 2019
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So I just had a really ridiculous idea: Write a campaign slogan for your RuneScape gold favorite god! I'll begin:Gielinor: Created for the people, by the people, of the people.

Not sure if that is the ideal area of these forums. Im just wondering if anyone else has had significant difficulties obtaining the ed3 lore novels . So far spent almost 50 hours just trying to get the 2nd lore book from the necromancer boss. Doing story mode with all the lore book fostering on effects. Over 100 story modes done. Still no publication. Really irritating cause narrative mode doesn't have any benefit of doing this im just wasting a huge amount of time to not get the book as a drop. As I said, id just like to know if its a bug or if anyone else has had this kind of difficulty.

In a recent Q&A session, a question was given to the mods inquiring about the lore involving Skotizo and Silverlight. The response was to let the players try to come up with their own. He stole it, discovered it, then fled to Zeah with it creating the catacombs that weave their way below Kourend's city. Given the nature of its people and the catacombs, I hypothesized that the artifact had two major properties: it emanates large amounts of buy OSRS gold energy that was dark and life is manipulated by it.

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