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some folks just like wow classic gold
some folks just like wow classic gold
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Start Date: Mon, July 29 2019
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I would not call people out for loving a PVE server, because some folks just like wow classic gold collecting herbs and enjoying the AH and playing a PVE server will allow those sort of people who the luxury. Having PvP servers get these QOL adjustments and will possess these pver's complaining. Hell let there be RP servers also... let those people today roll play with one another. That's what created WoW Classic so good... the capability to do what you desired.

Until I saw you phoning pve players pussies your reply was admired by me. Myself and I perform on also a hardcore, devoted, raider along with pve servers. Once I'm playing a WoW Classic server that is, I really do a great deal of pvp battleground myself. I can tell by the mindset you likely think you are trendy for playing on a pvp server or something and makes you at the game?? Get your head from your ass and stop speaking about what other people are doing... despise seeing negative people like you.

Because I have a notion everything in this post is safeguarding PVE servers, and you anger on me? You're the one that must pull on your head. Since that's my opinion, just like that I will call people I have a right to an opinion. Not fact. I am not calling the people on RP servers raiders and PvPers if I telephone them weirdos. Its just my OPINION. No I dont think I'm cool because I play on a pvp server (closed minded of buy classic wow gold you to believe that also ), and occasionally I truly do want I play on pve servers as occasionally I only want to farm my things, rather than be ganked. If you violated I do apologize.

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