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I just checked on The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold
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Location: beijing, 230601
Start Date: Sat, May 25 2019
Expire Date: Fri, May 31 2019 00:00
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Registered since: Sat, March 09 2019
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I just checked on The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold GOG the cost for Morrowind complete game with dlcs all that is 8 dollars with openMw you can play with it forever dude, but hey no let's spend our money on meaningless micro transactions on dumb games such as this, my mental illness is 0 tolarance for bullshit. If you do not see what is wrong with gaming you reside under the stone. Rly dude do not even try to defend this. It's dumb. He would like to be the first to leap headfirst to gaming fest which is every single cellular game and the ending no exception.

Nice game it's got paywalls, timewalls it is grindy and greedy. Who I represent? I am just some old college man who came from the 8bit Era and knows what's real gaming is.I don't offer 0 shit you can call me anything you need, if you give it another thought you understand I am the good guy try to provide an alternative rather then addiction.If you think my wallet cannot manage 100 dollars right now you are missing the point and only attempt to get a grip on Me, which will be a miss, I could, but I will not. why? Read the my comment. Oh yes I'm angry as hell that somebody don't see the worth of items, You know everything, I take that part. Still didn't alter the fact that this guy is currently promoting gaming addiction machine's does not matter it is possible to throw your sallery double time at this dumb games guy.

Should you? I don't think so and that is my point. Wonderful accounts by the way?? (just how many more come?) Truth is hurtful for small children I know. It is of shattering the false hopes and visions that are false, similar to the Santa. I take all the hate for this fuckit I don't care dude. Take responsibility for activities and your words. I'm not afraid to make my ground stands . Whatyougonnado mate? Compose stupid comments to Me, enter my wallet call me this or that like fuck is given by me. You're buy ESOM Gold likely this man subs' military and whitened knighting for love letters and pad on the back.

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