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There are loads of casters at The Elder Scrolls Blades
There are loads of casters at The Elder Scrolls Blades
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Start Date: Sat, May 04 2019
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There are loads of casters at The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold, which makes this skill VERY useful but only short of a"must have" in my book. Learn how to combo with EACH type of weapon and try to recall what Type of damage (Slash/Bash/Cleaving) does additional damage against every foe. Example- An Axe with 50 Damage may perform against a Troll than a Sword with 90 harm. LOVE your shield! Lesson number 2- You ca slash. The Elder Scrolls Blades compels you to deliver a defense for a reason, use it. And not only utilize it, but attempt to master the timing necessary to use it in relation to the armor your sporting, the weapon you've equipped, or the opponent your fighting.


When an opponent shield bashes you, then you can't use your shield or charms for a second or two, so remember that and use that few moments to land gigantic combos. Lesson 3- This is NOT a one finger game. You need to assault from the left and right side of this screen to land combos the most effectively. Alternating btwn the two. If you time the attacks correctly, you may shred your opponent and immediately go back into Absorb or Adrenaline Dodge to get back any life you lost during the combo strike. What makes The Elder Scrolls Blades so complicated are of the various variants of armor and weapons you can use. I am not 100 percent but so far, it seems that The Elder Scrolls Blades wants you to carry multiple sets of armor in addition to multiple weapons so for one to advance"easier" than just using jewels. To put it differently, no 1 set of armor and no 1 weapon will make you OP at everything.


Gems- While challenging to get, you need to be smart about what you spend them on. Following a learning curve I have determined the best way to spend my jewels to be this- I gem the lowest grade crates. They typically give each of the mats you will need to build/upgrade your shops/houses and cost 1 stone. So don't worry if your full of high tier chests, just keep them running as far as you can and spend 1 gem each for the reduced crates. This will allow you seriously, what does it matter if you have 10 crates waiting to be opened or 20, rather to not need to buy ESOM Gold expand your Crate stash? In the long run, your still waiting. So DONT purchase more room for your chests and simply Gem the low ones while passing on the bigger ones.

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